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Stage K (2019) Poster

Stage K (2019)

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Are you ready for this new global K-Pop competition? “Stage K” is global K-Pop dance competition! It is a global challenge for K-Pop fans from all over the world who cover K-Pop dances coming together to compete.

Numerous international fans have applied. It was said by PD Kim HakNim that challengers from 77 countries have applied. The program received applications for one month and on the last day of application, they have received 3,000 emails.

Participants are known as challengers representing their country and would be competing to perform with their ‘Dream Star’ on stage. In every episode, a different ‘Dream Star’ would appear but the K-Leaders would remain, showing viewers their insights and experience as veteran K-Pop stars. Only the top 4 teams will get to come to Korea and performed in front of the singers of their dreams. Only the winning team will get to perform with a K-Pop star.


Genre: Variety TV Program

Director: Kim NoEun, Kim HakMin, Ahn JungHyun, Hwang SeulWoo, Lee SooJin, Kim KyuRi

Writer: Kang YoungMi, Bong WooRi, Ju JiSoo, Kim HyeYoung, Kang WooJin, Kim HaWoon

Network: JTBC

Runtime: Sundays 9 pm KST

Air Time: From April 7

Language: Korean

Global fans are entering a K-Pop competition to be able to stand on the stage with K-Pop stars.

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Last Air Date:7 Apr 2019
Number Of Episode:1