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Mafia Game in Prison (2019) Poster

Mafia Game in Prison (2019)

Genre: KShow, Reality
Year: Duration: 60 MinView: 249 views

In each episode, the cast and the episode’s guest play the Mafia in the setting of a prison. The 10 players each choose their own cells and check the card that is placed in each of the cells, acknowledging himself/herself as a mafia or an innocent without the other players knowing. There are only 3 mafias in each episode. After acknowledgement, they will then split themselves into 2 teams of 5 to play a total of 5 enlightenment activities (games). Voting for the identification of the mafias will happen at the end of each enlightenment activity, and each player can vote for which player he/she thinks is a mafia among the players. The players of the winning team for each enlightenment activity gets an extra vote. The losing team of each enlightenment activity will carry out a penalty based on an expression of a term (either by drawing or movement) by the winning team. The game is over when all 3 mafias are identified.

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Last Air Date:18 Mei 2019
Number Of Episode:10