2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships Poster

2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2020)

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A total of 51 idol teams, or 202 individuals, will compete in next year’s upcoming Lunar New Year special ‘2020 ISAC’. The 7 sporting categories are archery, wrestling, free kick shootouts, baseball pitching, e-sports, and horseback riding – all the same categories from the Chuseok special 2019 ISAC’.

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Native Title: 설특집 2020 아이돌스타 선수권대회
Also Known As: 아이돌스타 육상 선수권대회 2020년 , 2020 Idol Star Athletics Bowling Archery Rhythmic Gymnastics Football Championships , 2019 ISAC , 2020 Idol Star Olympics , 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship – New Year , 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special

Last Air Date:25 Jan 2020
Number Of Episode:6