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2018 KBS Drama Special

Genre: Drama, KDrama
Year: Duration: 60 MinView: 205 views

KBS Drama Special | KBS 드라마 스페셜

2018 KBS Drama Special (Hangul: 드라마 스페셜; RR: Deurama Seupesyeol) is a weekly program on KBS2 showing short dramas (usually single episodes), with each episode having a different story, cast, director, and writer. The format is based on Drama City and Best Theater.

KBS series Drama City finished its run in 2008 after 14 years in Korea. Since then, dramas adapted from comic books or online novels rose to the mainstream, leaving even less space for short dramas to make a comeback. However, on May 15, 2010, single-episode series made a comeback through 24-part KBS Drama Special’s first episode Red Candy by veteran scriptwriter Noh Hee-kyung.

List Drama :

  1. Drama Special: My Dark History Wrong Answer Note | Naui Heukyeoksa Odaknoteu (KBS2 / 2018)
  2. Drama Special: Forgotten Season | Ithyeojin Kyejeol (KBS2 / 2018)
  3. Drama Special: Tuna and Dolphin | Chamchiwa Dolgorae (KBS2 / 2018)
  4. Drama Special: Too Bright Outside for Love | Neomoo Hannatui Yeonae (KBS2 / 2018)
  5. Drama Special: Such a Long Goodbye | Yitorok Oraen Yibyeol (KBS2 / 2018)
  6. Drama Special: Miss Kim’s Mystery | Miseukimui Miseuteori (KBS2 / 2018)
  7. Drama Special: Escapers | Dopijadeul (KBS2 / 2018)
  8. Drama Special: My Mother’s Third Marriage | Eommaui Se Beonjje Gyeolhon (KBS2 / 2018)
  9. Drama Special: Almost Within Reach | Daeul Deuk Mal Deuk (KBS2 / 2018)
Last Air Date:14 Sep 2018
Number Of Episode:7