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Busted Season 2 (2019) Poster

Busted! Season 2 Episode 4

Quality: View: 339 views

While the detectives wait for their client, a new applicant, Hani, arrives and they immediately take a liking to her. However, they discover that she has also applied to be a part of the Genius Detective Team, who soon show up at the same place. With Hani joining the Genius Detectives, the rival teams once again try to outdo each other to win a portion of a shaman’s lottery winnings.

Guests: Hani, Jung Jae-hyung, Lee Juck, John Park, Lee Jang-won (Peppertones), Shin Jae-pyung (Peppertones), Kim Hwan, Yoon Jong-hoon, Stephanie Lee, Shin A-young, Park Kyung, Jung Jin-young

Note: Lee Seung-gi did not appear in this episode

Episode Name:Along with the Gods; The Return of the Genius Detective Team

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