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Busted Season 2 (2019) Poster

Busted! Season 2 Episode 1

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K’s detectives find themselves chained and trapped in separate rooms. When they manage to get out, they find Jae-suk, who explains that he survived the explosion and has since been watching over them secretly. Under the guise of Tartarus, he and K created the missions to test their ability to work as a team. Things do not go as planned when the detectives realize that Kwang-soo has disappeared with a mysterious microchip and that K has been murdered by a serial killer called the “Flower Killer”.

Guests: Lee Kwang-soo, Im Won-hee, Kim Min-jae, Yoon Jong-hoon

Note: Lee Seung-gi did not appear in this episode

Episode Name:Hell of the Gods: Tartarus

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